These days, I work at  Sierra Magazine  as the Art Director. We recently did a redesign of the magazine that our readers really like (which in my experience is quite unusual, especially the first few issues). The new logo was designed by designer  Jeremy Mickel,  who absolutely knocked it out of the park. We also use his font,  Shift , in the magazine.
  SV Magazine  was focused on covering the booming tech industry of Silicon Valley. Looking at those issues reminds me of a Michael Jordan rookie card... many of the people went on to become incredibly powerful names in tech. I was the Art Director and designed the initial look.
 As Art Director for  West Magazine,  it was really gratifying to start seeing some work appear in places like PRINT and HOW magazine. An amazing staff of writers, editors and photographers were contributing to West at that time.
 My first real job as Art Director was for the  San Francisco Bay Guardian.  I took the approach of trying to make the covers more appealing by stylizing them more like a magazine. The circulation increased 33%, but I think they preferred the newspaper look— they went back to it after I left.
 Some freelance projects and odd jobs from over the years. Functioned as Art Director and designer on these projects.