Somehow: Living on Uganda Time  is a collection of photographs and essays by  Douglas Cruickshank  –- a guy who gave away everything (except a camera and laptop) and moved to Uganda. A fascinating collection of tales from a talented guy. Art Direction and design by Tracy Cox.
  The Art and Life of Jean Varda  is a monograph compiled and written by  Betsy Stroman . A lively account of an eccentric artist's journey through the 20th century. Art direction and design by Tracy Cox.
  Out of the Fire  is a monograph featuring the wonderful ceramics of Susan Hall. She poured her heart into this book and I was honored to art direct and design it and give it shape and form.
  Wild Butterflies  is an arresting novel by Katherine Green. I really enjoyed designing the cover with the fine folks at  Wildemere Publishing . Art direction and design by Tracy Cox.
  Breaking Ground  is the complex and intriguing story behind the  YWCA of Silicon Valley.  Designed and art directed by Tracy Cox & the amazing  Mignon Khargie.
  Circe & the Centaur  is a memoir by former Cosmopolitan editor-in-chief Owen Edwards of his time spent in Greece as a youth. It’s full of passion and drama, and is a very fun read. Owen also took all the photos. Art Direction and design by Tracy Cox.
  The Secret Life of Clowns  and  The Snow Clown  are part of a series of books on the art of clowning by noted   Cirque du Soliel   clown Jeff Raz. TSLOC is more of a study in performance, and TSC is more of a memoir of the time Jeff taught clowning to kids in Alaska. Both are very fun reads. Art direction and design by Tracy Cox.
  Uncommon Knowledge  is a nice collection of work by noted poet and spoken word artist  Whitman McGowan.  Nice scratchboard illustrations by Bruce Litz. Art directed by Marjorie Snyder. Designed by Tracy Cox and Marjorie Snyder.
  A Memory of Childhood  is a memoir of life around the early part of the 20th century. A dizzying journey across the country from the perspective of a woman looking back to her experiences as a young girl.
  In This Land   is a book accompanying an exhibition of amazing photographer  Matt Black's  early work in the California central valley. He has since gone on to do  great things.  Art direction and design by Tracy Cox.
 Various freelance book jackets... done for for the great  Jennifer Joseph  at  Manic D Press,   Wiley Publishing , Verflectin Books and Pressure Drop Press.
 When I'm bored or between jobs, I like to choose random non-fiction books in Amazon and redesign the covers. Here are a few.